Sleep Attack!


Okay the first thing I am going to say is that I am not the best person of speaking English or telling stories but I will try the best.

Now fast information about me, I am boy and I was 16 when this happened. Now I am turning 17 in 2 weeks.

Anyways I have always believed in paranormal, supernatural things: ghosts, vampires etc. I am always open minded, but often really skeptical and won't believe stuff unless I experience it myself. I have experienced small paranormal things in my life, but this was the biggest. Oh yeah before I start the story I have heard this same type of story many times, so I am not the only one.

Story: Okay, so as every boy or girl my age I have always wanted to try out the "Spiritism" "game". I made the board and we started to play it with my friend, only 2 of us, by the way my friend is an atheist and still doesn't believe in anything paranormal, also I don't believe in spiritism, and actually I am trying to research about the "game" more. Anyways I have heard a lot of horror stories about playing the spiritism and I wanted to try it.

So we were playing, we asked nothing that considered our lives just to be safe if it would work. So we kept asking stuff, nothing special happened and the glass was moving really, really slow, but when we asked for a permission to go have a smoke break, the glass moved super fast and told us yes.

When we came back it was slow again, but shortly after it started to get stronger and faster and you could actually feel someone on the table. Now we asked what was his name, we got 2 weird answers like example something this way "ah5ds" something like that, until we asked the 3rd time, he said "Thief" (in Finnish). Then we asked where are you from, and we got answer "666".

At this point I wanted to quit, and asked for a smoke break and he allowed, but I didn't want to continue. My friend actually wanted to and tried alone, but was not allowed, by the person from the other side or whatever it was.

Now to the actual thing that happened to me. I was trying to sleep for many hours and couldn't get to sleep, well I was just staring my wall. I started actually getting really sleepy when suddenly this dark figure (that was actually in the shape of my friend who I played the spiritism with) raised from the floor in front of me. I tried to scream or move, but was completely paralyzed. He laughed with the voice of my friend, but just slightly deeper. Well I still kept trying to yell and move when suddenly I woke up.

But the biggest part that confused me was, I was in the exact same position as in the dream, staring at the exact same spot on the wall. I don't remember that I had opened my eyes. I remember when I woke up it wasn't actually waking up, it felt like I just got freed from the paralyzing. It was the freakiest thing that has happened in my life.

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