Sleep Paralysis or Something Else?

by nikki

Ever since I can remember I would randomly have these moments where I would be in bed (it always happens in the middle of the night) and I would get the feeling something was watching me or coming for me. I would get so scared I would try to move and scream but I would freeze up. It lasted a few seconds or minutes (I can't be sure) then it would go away and I'd be all sweaty and completely scared.

The most recent time it started the same. I felt something was there but when I went to move I saw him. There was this thing by my bed (mind you I'm frozen by now), he looked maybe greenish, he had a head similar to a human, just slightly bigger with large pointy ears, facial hair and a long red robe on.

He lifted his hand above me and said "you won't remember any of this" then his mouth started moving super fast and he was either talking fast or another language I'm not sure. I started praying that God would help me... I felt like I couldn't breath... and when his mouth started moving fast I felt like I passed out.

I woke up... jumped up screaming for my mother (I was 24 years old at the time) and when she asked what's wrong. I just kept saying I couldn't tell her, that they were still listening. I was so afraid. I felt like whatever it was was still nearby. I was sweating and shaking.

I don't know if that was a dream or what but it sure felt real. Anybody else experience anything like that?

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