Sleep Paralysis or Something Worse?

by J.

My first experience happened when I was a child and I cannot recall my exact age. It was the middle of the night and awoke for some reason, but I could not move or open my eyes. I felt a pressure on my body like someone was sitting on me and breathing on me. I tried to scream but I physically could not open my mouth. I fought with all my willpower to move. Screaming in my head to move anything and just like that I was able to open my eyes.

The instant I opened my eyes a dark shadow flew over me very fast. Being a child I screamed out in shock and woke my father who asked what was wrong? Feeling embarrassed, I said nothing happened I thought I heard a mouse.

I am now 24 years old and this has happened to me several times a year and even repeatedly through the night minus seeing a shadow. I began to sense when it would happen. A strange sensation would come over me as I drifted off to sleep and I have learned to sort of fight it off. However, the occurrences have become a lot stranger. Sometimes I can feel the blanket being pulled down and a feeling that I am being rolled over or pulled off the bed. I have even experienced an orgasm at some stage. In some cases I have my partner in the bed with me and when I feel an episode beginning I start breathing rapidly and try with all my might to speak his name.

It hasn't happened in the last few weeks so I'm expecting another "visit" any day now.

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