Sleepover with Bloody Mary

by Kat (katzrule28)

This is stream as a cat. I draw cats a lot...

This is stream as a cat. I draw cats a lot...

I couldn't believe what was happening... Was this really the end for me and my friends? *sigh* Well, I may as well tell you what happened.

I was having a sleepover with my friends and we were just playing and stuff, painting our nails. Normal girl stuff to do at a sleepover. When we started telling scary stories is when it started going wrong.

My friend Feather (her nickname is Feather) brought up Bloody Mary just to see if anyone would be able to sleep. We did eventually fall asleep... But at 5 in the morning. So then Moon suggested that we try it and see if she is real. Some of us were skeptical about it but we went in there with them anyways.

Moon did Bloody Mary then screamed as a little girl appeared in the mirror behind her. She turned around to see a girl chanting something. She gave an eerie glow and we all stood back while Moon got closer. When she got close enough, her eyes turned blood red, and she turned around and looked at us. Was the girl (I'm not saying her name too many times it freaks me out) possessing her? Well, we got our answer.

She turned around and yelled at us with this voice sounding like 100 different people were talking to us instead of her. We tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. We had accidentally locked ourselves in.

Then suddenly the door opened after all our banging on it. We looked up to find Amber staring at us with wide eyes while she clenched the doorknob. We told her what happened. Everything. She was the master of coming up with good plans after all. She looked at Moon staring at us creepily from the small bathroom. She looked back at me and said: "Kat. You know all about this stuff. Do you know how to get rid of her?"

I stared into her eyes about to cry. "I'm afraid I don't..." I replied. Then Stream's eyes lit up. "I know something but I've never actually tried it before..." We looked at her. "DO IT!!!!"

She turned around and did this strange thing on the back of Moon's neck. I couldn't see it very well but it looked like it was working. Moon fell on top of Stream, unconscious. "Well I think that worked." Feather said.

Just then, stuff from the bathroom started flying at us. We all ran downstairs and ended up in the kitchen. Knives started flying towards us as well as plates and bowls. A knife stabbed Amber's neck and she was pinned to the wall, blood dripping down her lifeless body. I stared at her in horror, for she had always been one of my best friends. Stream tackled me and I yelled at her asking what her deal was and she pointed to a knife in the wall where I was standing. Thankfully, the ghost ran out of knives to throw at us.

We hid behind the couch for the rest of the night. Luckily the ghost didn't find us but we were crammed in there for the rest of the night. We looked around to see if the ghost was still there in the morning. We found nothing and walked towards Amber's body wondering what to do with it. When we got to where she died she was nowhere in sight. We ran outside and saw her floating around the woods.

She turned around and looked at us, her eyes as black as night, soulless staring deeply. I shouted to look away but Stream didn't listen and kept staring at her. No matter how hard we tried, she wouldn't look away. She couldn't. Stream fell on the ground, her entire body numbing, and died sprawled out on the forest floor.

We ran away from there and into the neighborhood to go for a walk. After a few hours we forgot all about it and found ourselves happily chatting about what's going on in our lives. Eventually we got back to the house and started to eat breakfast. Somehow, all the bowls, and plates, and knives, etc. were back where they belonged. We forgot anything ever happened and ate.

When we finished our meal Stream walked in looking normal. We stared at her in dismay for what seemed like days. She suddenly screamed and flew toward us, her body turning into this hideous monster. She flew straight through us and we turned around to see Moon on the stairs looking at us. "YOU'RE OK!!" I blurted out. She looked at me. "Of course I am... Why wo-" she started choking.

Feather and I rushed over to her trying to save her but we were too late. She collapsed on the stairs and slowly started tumbling down to our feet. We panicked and called my bf (his nickname is Smoky). He agreed to come pick us up and we sold that house.

We never went anywhere near that house again to this day. And sightings of ghosts and have been reported around the area eventually closing off the whole neighborhood. Although the house isn't there anymore their souls still lurk around the area, haunting and killing all they can to satisfy their thirst for blood and company.

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