Some Of My Own Creepy Experiences

by Cindy

There's a lot of short stories that happened to me, and yes, they all did happen. I'm 16 years old, and these are some creepy things that I can't seem to forget...

When I was younger, I was standing outside on my grandma's porch with my cousin, who's only 6 months younger than me. We were about 4 or 5 I'd think. We were looking up at the sky, and then all of a sudden we hear, "Cindy." A guy says my name. I knew my cousin heard it just like I did. It didn't sound like anyone we knew, and nobody was outside with us.

Then, in 7th grade, it was pretty creepy. I think I got possessed by something. I was talking to my friend as she was drawing. She started complaining because she was bleeding on the paper and it was ruining her drawing. I kept on trying to comfort her. Just then, I feel completely blank inside, I couldn't even feel the ground under my feet or anything, all I could do was watch. It felt like I couldn't even read my own thoughts. I then said to her, "You could paint it with your blood" in my own voice, but in a creepy manner. I stalled a few seconds, then I felt completely normal again. I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth. I covered my mouth and looked at my friend, thankfully she didn't hear me, or whatever that was.

In 7th-9th grade, I kept on hearing my name get whispered. Sometimes at school, and I'd look around, but nobody would be looking at me or anything, then when I was home alone too. It was so weird. Then, in one of my dreams, my great grandma that died in 2005 had a conversation with me. I still remember the room so vividly. There was a bed with white pillows and a red blanket, it was carpeted, with a red rug on the floor too. There were big windows opening up onto a huge city, and I sat on the window seal as I was talking to her. It was a fantastic place, I felt happy and peaceful while I was there with my great grandma. Well, ever since I had that dream, nobody has called my name since.

This has to be one of the scariest things that happened to me. There was no explanation behind it. I was typing on my computer to a friend at my old house. I had a glass dolphin sitting on my desk with me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the back end of my dolphin getting lifted up, and then the tail got slammed against my desk. I obviously jumped and looked at my dolphin. The tail was definitely missing, and I even looked around for it. The dolphins tail got shattered by something unknown, and I even watched it happen.

Now I'm going to shorten these ones up a little. This is getting a little long. About two weeks after I moved into my new house, I think I saw a real ghost. It was a little ghost girl, she looked about 9 or 10. I remember what she looks like in detail. She was wearing a dress that went to her knees, a ribbon, socks and cute little dress shoe things. We stood there for a few seconds, staring at each other. She then disappeared and I ran straight to my room. I was only 13, and I was really scared.

Then, another time, I was home alone, I heard music and footsteps, then knocking, all while I was home alone, that was really freaky. My last story that I'm sharing is pretty short as is. I was dancing in my room, and it was night. All of a sudden it felt like I accidentally backed into the wall, so I looked back. I was still about a foot away from the wall.

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