Someone There?

by laura
(Scotland )

The first time something happened I was in bed watching a DVD. My sister layed in her bed next to me. Slowly I was falling asleep. We had a HiFi in our room and were not allowed to have it up loud or allowed to put on the bass button and it came on. I saw it turning on and I shouted for my sister to wake up and then music came blaring out of it. I ran out of the room into the bottom of my mums bed and she settled me again.

A few weeks later I went downstairs and my mum's purse sat on a speaker in our living room. It was about 2 am and the purse came flying off. I couldn't understand it. How had it fell it was a flat surface? So I put it back and went to bed.

I still always feel as if someone is watching me when I go to my mum's house, even in my own house.

I'm older now but still things happen. It was Christmas time and I heard a bobble fall off the tree. When I went to see no bobble had fallen so I ignored it. When I was laying in bed falling asleep I heard a bang on my door and thought it was my little girl so I opened the door and went into her room. She was asleep, but her light was on and she is far too small to reach the light. So I turned it off, took her into my bed, and went to sleep.

A few days later after being at my dad's for dinner he dropped me off at home, put my daughter to bed, and went to bed. I always leave the hall light on for my daughter and her door open but when I woke just after midnight the hall light was off and my daughter's room door was shut. I opened the door and she was fine. I lifted her and she woke up said "Mummy, the man" pointing behind me! I had the biggest shiver and I turned around. There was nothing there.

I stayed calm for my daughters sake, but ever since that night my room has always been freezing even with the heating on so now I sleep in my living room with my little girl but I always feel as if someone's there and watching me.

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