Something In My Room

by Trine B
(Norway )

At my room:

It started not long ago. Maybe a year after we (my family and I) moved into a new house.
I got my room downstairs and my parents had their one floor up.

One night I noticed someone else was there. The time forward it happened strange things; My friend felt something touch her foot (it was not me) when she slept over, things fell when they stood safe on a shelf, something/one turned the volume on my CD player up and down and more. Once I just got the name Nate up in my head, I just understood I don't know how, but i understood it was the name of the "person" who was in my room.

I found a spell to chase the ghost/spirit out of my room, I didn't feel it work. Nate hasn't bothered me for a while, but I can still feel he's here. The first days I noticed him I could not sleep. I was awake mostly, even if that made me more afraid.

If anyone know hows to help, please let me know.

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