Something or Someone?

Okay, this happened to me and my cousin in summer 2006. We were walking around this area in my little town talking about how all of us when we were little kids used to come here to play games. So we were walking back towards my truck we heard crackles in the bush. We saw something behind this rock but we didn't know what or who it was.

We were calling out names then I threw a rock towards it and we saw its fingers. Oh my god it only had 4 fingers and it was tiny, wearing something from an animal. We ran away, just took off pretty fast and went to our grandparents. They told us it was probably a may-may-quay-shi-wok which means cliff dweller. It's like a troll or something, IDK, so we went back with them and some other elders and we saw little prints of hands *4 FINGERS ONLY & 3 toes*!

OMG I'm never going back there.

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