Something Really Strange

by jean

Something really strange and frightening happened one night back in 2005 during the summer. I'm not exaggerating and I don't drink or do drugs.

It was around 8:00 or 8:30 at night. My mom was serving dinner, my dad was a security guard at the time that's why we had dinner late. My mom asked me to go to the car and get out a bottle of soda (my mom keeps the soda in the car). I didn't want to at first cause the last two times which was two days in a row the front door would not open when I was outside and no one locked the door either. And my mom and I believe the house is haunted.

Anyway I asked my brother Aaron to go to the car with me cause I was afraid the door would lock on me again. And so me and Aaron went to the car, got the soda, and when I tried to open the front door it wouldn't open. I could turn the nob but it would not open. I knocked. On the door I heard my mom say it's not locked and I told her it won't open. My mom tried opening the door and she couldn't and then my dad tried and neither could he or my other brother.

And so my mom told me and Aaron to go around back and use the patio door. Aaron already started walking ahead of me, but not too far ahead. As I was walking away from the door I heard a low growl. I stopped and so did Aaron. We looked around and didn't see anything. I walked up to Aaron and I heard it again. It sounded nearby and I still could not spot any dogs. I asked him if he had seen any dogs. He said no. We heard it again.

Creeped out at this point we ran towards the back of the house and that's when I heard something jump on the car and than onto the roof of the house (my house only has one floor). We got to the patio door and it would not open. We banged on the patio door.

My mom came to the door and told us she heard a loud thud on the roof and I asked her to unlock the patio door. My mom looked at the lock and told me it wasn't locked. I tried again and it still would not open. We heard movement on the roof. Aaron tried but couldn't get it to open. Mom tried and neither could she. The dogs ran to the patio door and started barking at the roof, walking back and forth.

Aaron wanted to run to the shed. He was panicking cause no one could get the door open and the dogs where barking. I told Aaron to just stay against the wall. We heard more movement on the roof again. Aaron told me that he didn't want to be out here in the open and that he thought we would be safer in the shed.

We were whispering just so you know. And I told him that that was not a good plan cause if that thing can jump from the car to the roof I doubt we could make it to the shed and even if we did where would we go if it got in? I told him we are staying against the wall out of sight.

Mom and them were still trying to get the door open and the dogs were still at the patio door barking and Aaron turned and told me at the count of three and I said no. Aaron counts to three and starts running to the shed and that's when mom and them got the door open and the dogs run out to Aaron and where growling and barking at the roof. Aaron, me, and the dogs all went back inside and that's what happened. We never did see what it was.

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