Something Tiny In My Room

by kelly
(las angelas)

I was 10 and lived in Los Angeles in a really old dumpy house. I lived with my granny only. And every night when granny was asleep two rooms away I could never sleep until about 1:00 a.m because I always heard little laughs under my bed. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!

Anyway one night I finally decided to see what was under my bed and I swear to the universe that there was a very, very small person-like monster under my bed. It was naked and had hair and it had some miniature stick or something in its hand. And when it saw me it stopped laughing.

I didn't scream, but I did run in my granny's room and woke her up. She went to check it out with a bat. She said she heard laughing also when she first walked in, but she said she didn't see anything. She even looked under my bed.

After that granny searched for a new house very quick, like in about a week we moved and finally I could sleep again. Also I never slept in that room again after granny told me she also heard laughing.

I do believe I heard that laughing once more when I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom right across from my room. Anyway now I live about 10 miles away from there and I am now 22.

P.S. The monster was about 4 inches tall and I still believe in monsters today. I swear that my story is true.

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