Something Used To Sit At The End Of My Bed

by Ellie Ferry
(Murcia, Spain)

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I used to sleep in this bedroom, where my worst nightmares came true.

My house is about a hundred years old. And I've only been living in it for 9 years (I'm 13 now).
Well, I remember many times that something used to sit on the end of my bed. As if it sat there watching me, starring at me. I could physically feel the weight of what ever it was on the end of my bed.

At the time, I only lived with my mother and my older sister. But they would normally be watching TV in the living room. And all my animals (cats, dogs etc) would be out of my room, so it couldn't be any of them.

And I don't know why I never ever opened my eyes to see what it was. And when I did manage to get to sleep, I felt as if the bed would spin around and around.

The few years I spent in that bedroom, were the worst. I would have the same nightmare once a month every single month. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just puke up all my dinner. I would sweat and pee myself. I would wake up with scratches, bruises etc.

After my sister left home, my mother immediately said I could have her room. I've been sleeping in this bedroom since the age of 7, and I haven't had any more encounters. Only the feeling of being watched. And I've had about, 3 times, the nightmare I used to have in the other bedroom.

Please, can anybody help me? Does anyone know what it is? Has anybody had the same experience has me? THANKS.

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