Something Went Wrong

by Rebekah
(Western New York)

So this is a story that my grandmother told me a few months ago. My grandmother is not overtly spiritual or paranoid, and she does not make up stories - she’s a no nonsense type of lady, and so I truly believe every word of this story.

My grandmother’s grandmother (my great great grandmother) was said to have been cursed with the evil eye, I believe she called it. Every time she went near a church she would go into some kind of fit, almost like a seizure. Her husband, my great great grandfather, seeking to help her allegedly came to possess some kind of book that detailed many rituals for different occasions. I do not know the specifics of this book or how he came to find it, neither does my grandmother-people in the family do not talk about this.

He and his good friend apparently went into the woods one day to perform one of the rituals in the hopes of curing this “evil eye” but something must have gone seriously fucking wrong. My great great grandfather’s friend died that day in the woods, I believe of a heart attack and my great great grandfather himself went insane. He literally spent the rest of his life in an insane asylum. He must have dropped the book in the woods, because he didn’t have it with him when he came running out.

That is the extent of information I could get out of my grandmother, though I did learn that later my great great grandmother was exorcised and since then she was able to enter churches no problem. Like I said, I believe every word of this story, and it still creeps me way out.

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