Something's There At Night But I Do Not Know What

by Eve

So first off I am a pretty logical person (or at least try to be), yet weird stuff seems to follow me. I'm a 19 year old girl and I'm just tired of being afraid to sleep. It's not nightmares (I'm use to that aka whole other topic). No, slowly I fear that things are coming together. Creepy things are lining up now.

So, I'm just going to explain to you everything that I feel this supernatural thing is doing in my life. Now I do not know what this is, and it's been happening throughout my life. I have just gotten to the point where I'm annoyed, afraid, and sick of feeling the two. I am hoping someone can tell me what's going on.

Now, ever since I was little I always felt like something was always trying to urge me outside late at night, yet what ever it is is dangerous. I do not how to explain it I just always felt it. When I was about 17 is when things started getting really creepy. It was late/really early (probably around 4 or 5 I'm not sure) and I heard this god awful voice, (like something that freezes you in you place, makes your hair stand up, and stomach drop) I mean nothing can sound so deep, demonic, and terrifying. Well, it said my name. I froze in my spot and just waited for something to happen and nothing did. This happened my 3 times in my life and it was always at that window. It stopped and hasn't happened in awhile now.

But during that time when it died down when I was 17 I tried to sneak out of my house to go to a party with my boyfriend. While I was waiting outside I heard something moving fast towards me and started getting a sick feeling. I shined my light where I thought it was coming from and nothing was there.

When I came back to my house super early (when it was still dark) I was walking up towards my house and saw this weirdly animal/human shaped slender black shadow at the same window I heard my name 3 times. It turned quickly and smoothly, and it looked at me, but I ignored it and continued to walk up to my house acting like I didn't see it (due to other supernatural things that happen to me in my life I was taught to ignore everything).

Now I saw this thing multiple times at that window. One morning I went out to my car, and the morning dew was everywhere. I got in my car and looked at the drivers side mirror and saw three scratch marks on it. I got out of my car and wiped it off.

Then one day I went babysitting and that night when I was leaving to go back home (probably around 12 am) the same mark was there. And I swear I saw that thing by the house across from my car. I just simply wiped it off and got in the car acting like everything was fine.

On one of the nights I went to my boyfriends house, I was getting ready to leave it wasn't too dark yet and there was this giant human hand print on the back of my cars window. This hand was three times mine and had long slender fingers. There was this weird writing that made no since. I simply wiped it off again.

I woke up one day with dead leaves surrounding me (I had no dog then) and right by my head on my wall was 3 scratch marks and drool (I think it was) and the same hand print on my ceiling. Now I don't lock my window which is right next to my head and I'm on the bottom floor. So, it freaked the shit out of me, because something was in my house while I was sleeping.

Now everything died down again within a couple of months. But it came back. (This is still within my 17 years) I kept hearing something walk around me while I was sleeping late at night (light sleeper). Yet, one night I felt these long hairs dangle on my face and it felt like something was putting pressure on my stomach. This was one of the scariest moments of my life.

I refused to open my eyes in fear that whatever it is would kill me if I saw it. So I just pretended like I was still sleeping. The next day nothing happened and for awhile again everything was calm.

Then I think I'm 18 now. I started hearing banging at my front door (I now at this time have my rescue dog with me so I feel a little safer). She started freaking out and barking at the door. I simple ignored it but she sat there all night in front of the door just staring at it. This happened for a long time.

Now recent time I think it's back. I kept hearing this tapping sound at the same window as before. I ignored it for days. But then the something at the front door would slam against it. Last night the tapping happened and I snapped in annoyance and slammed my hand against the window (it has a thick blind) and instantly something banged supper loud at my front door in response. Creepier things have happened with this but for some reason I just can't deal with it any more. I haven't slept in awhile in fear that it's going to get in again.

I hope people take this serious I really need help and I appreciate whatever information that is given.

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