Soul Vampire Attack?

by Miloch Velox
(Colorado, USA)

I've always had a strong connection with spirits, and I've been attacked several times, and blessed as well. I have no fear of dark or light energy, though lack of fear doesn't seem to effect whether harm may befall a demon's (or whatever this was) target. I think I may have mistakenly summoned this spirit with a melody I hummed before lying down. But here's what happened this morning...

I awoke in my bed at approximately 4-6 o'clock AM to the sound of my father calling my name. He only called my name once, that's usually all it takes for me to wake up, and my father wanting to speak to me at the time before he heads off to work is not uncommon. I sat up in my bed and responded "Yeah? Whats up?" When I responded my father opened my door enough for himself to walk through, and as he came into view, a dark figure slid out from behind him. It was about half his height, and appeared to be child like, but this was no child. It wore a black cowl, and robe that covered its short body entirely. I could only see the eyes, which were not human size. Its eyes were easily 2-3 times larger than human eyes, totally black pits, with tiny white dots (I assume were pupils? or something...?) The figure had a dark black/grey aura around it that trailed behind its movements... like a demonic shade of sorts.

Seeing the unexpected figure shocked me, though I was not afraid. I instantly tried to say "What the hell!?" but I was unable to speak, and was now choking on every word I tried to say, which were mere words of confusion. My thoughts were and remained clear, but I could no longer move (I was propped up on my side). I was sitting up, but now frozen but not trying to move anything. I just kept on trying to express my confusion as to what the HELL this thing was, trying to ask my father what, and or why he had brought this thing to me, but I could only makes sounds like I was gagged.

The moment I felt myself unable to speak anything but gags (lol) the figure slid across the room in front of me with great speed and grace. It stopped in front of me and stared into my eyes. I stared back into its eyes defiantly and although still unable to speak, demanded that it tell me what it was doing here. I could still hear my name being called, though the voice was coming from the dark figure not my father, but using my fathers voice - clearly to deceive me into allowing it into my room. This angered me greatly and as I began to feel anger towards this intrusion, I felt that I was no longer able to breath, and began gasping for air, still gagging out attempted words. I then lost consciousness because I was not able to breathe...

Upon losing consciousness I was thrown into a dream bathed in bright sunlight and a beautiful blue sky, but my skin was burning like it was on fire! Suddenly the burning stopped and the dream played out like any other dream I might have had, and I awoke to my alarm clock...

Upon waking the image and memory of being literally choked out by some kind of... demon was still very fresh, so I know that I had in fact been awake and actually was choked out. I ran to my sketch book and drew the image to the best of my ability in case it was actually a dream, that way I would still have documentation of the event after (what I call) dream amnesia erased the image.

I still have no clue what the thing was, I assume it was some kind of vampire, because I have wards over my doorway, and I did in a way invite it into my room, having been deceived into thinking it was my father.

I've found no other clues as to what it might have been. It was not sleep paralysis like one might think, because:

1. I do not sleep on my back. I've never had sleep paralysis events before in my life, and I have specific habits (being one who is aware of my connection to the occult) that allow me to clearly distinguish between dreams, and reality.

2. I have never intentionally summoned any spirit using occult methods, although I have in the recent past written down powerful prayers that allow me to speak with the dead, and those who dwell in the unseen world.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject of what exactly that... thing might have been? Or any questions for me about what I experienced that might shed some light on the subject?

Thank you. :)

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