Spirit Boyfriend

by Kittykatt
(Newyork Newyork USA)

Okay it's not really scary. But it's extremely odd. My boyfriend Adrian was killed. His house was set on fire and he died in the fire along with his twin brother. His parents weren't home that night. Well the day I went to his funeral I met this girl Savannah, and she claimed to be Adrian. Not physically. Adrian took over her body. To be with me. This girl ended up falling in love with me as Adrian fell deeper.

At first I thought it was really strange and she was lying. But she knew things only he would know. Things that I do exactly the way I do it. Like she knew all about everything. She did... I couldn't believe Adrian was her. And I didn't know what to do and still don't... I'm 27, and I'm bisexual I have been since I was 12. I've been with Adrian since I was 22 and he's now been inside Savannah for 3 years.

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