Spirit Of The Innocent?

by Willie
(Louisville, KY.)

Well this may sound like another "look what I made up" story, but let me tel you it scared the heck out of me for years.

I was 28 years old and was doing good had a good job, a house and a small family. We had gone to my mother's for dinner and while there we had seen a story on the news about a girl who had gone missing and it hurt my feelings and I wondered how can people hurt children? It still bothers me to this day.

Anyway we talked and it got late and the baby was tired so we headed for home. We lived in a country setting just outside the city limits so it was dark and quiet around our house. The area right before you get to our road was being torn down to make room for airport expansions, not much there. On one of the turns on the winding road there was still a church that hadn't relocated yet, across the street nothing but open land. I was doing the speed limit because it was dark, drizzling, the road was winding and I had a baby in the car.

As I approached the church I saw a beautiful little girl with long brown pigtails. She had yellow ribbons in her hair on each side and was wearing a yellow dress and yellow slip on shoes. I slowed down and came to a stop in the middle of the road. My girlfriend at the time said what are you doing, are you okay? I said to her waiting for that kid to get across the street. She looked to the road and back at me and with a puzzled look on her face said what kid? Do you need me to drive? I was kind of upset and said what do you mean the little girl right there in the yellow dress walking across the street! Looking again she said there is no girl. I looked again and saw no one.

I got out of the car, grabbed a flashlight, and looked everywhere. There was nothing. With nowhere to hide I was truly puzzled. I felt weird. I got back in the car and said I was sure I had seen a girl. I started down the road and took a glance in the mirror. She was there. I hit the brakes, opened the door, and she was gone.

The next day on the news there was a wreck around the corner from my road and if I hadn't stopped for the girl we would have been right there when the wreck happened... I feel the spirit or whatever it was, was just trying to save my family and although it scared me I am very grateful for the girl in the yellow dress. Thank you whoever you were I hope you moved on now.

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