Spirits In The Wind

by Galefeather

Hi, everyone. Gonna try to make this brief.
I'm a fast runner, and often on quiet summer afternoons I'd go racing around, just everywhere, as long as I could achieve great speed.

When I was about 14(15?), I was sitting on some playground equipment, resting after a spot of running. The sun was out, and it must've been about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I saw a bus stop at a nearby bus stop, and I got it into my head to try to race it. As the bus drew parallel to the playground, I leapt over the low hedge border and took off after the vehicle. It began pulling ahead. I kept running. And then all of a sudden, the wind picked up, and I felt rather than heard a voice say, "Now let's REALLY run." A wild, almost African-sounding music began playing in my head, with drums and horns. I began gaining on the bus. A terrifying feeling of exaltation filled me, and I suddenly sprinted even faster.

The voice was chanting in my head, urging me, saying, "Faster! Faster! Yes, faster!" I was flying now, past the bus and further. Then I glanced to my right and faintly saw someone running beside me. Golden-haired, with a leather band across his brow. He looked at me and beamed with such insane joy that I almost beamed as well. Exhaustion and surprise made me slow my pace. He gave a wild, elated whoop and charged off, laughing like someone reveling in the joy of speed.

I have a Part 2, but I'll tell that another time.

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