by Stephen brick

Okay I have quite a few freaky things that happened to me. First off when I was just like 6 years old I was coloring in my coloring book and the book flew out of my hands and hit against the wall. I felt something pat my head like I was a dog.

Second story was when I was about 7. Me and my sister were outside playing by the basement window. We were playing toys and then we looked through the basement window we saw a woman sitting on the stool down there. We tapped the window and she turned and looked at us and waved and then walked off to the other room in the basement. There were 3 rooms in our basement. So me and my sis scooted down to the other basement window to see from the other room and she was gone. It was very creepy.

My 3rd story happened when I was about 10. I was taking a bath and the water faucet turned on by itself at the exact moment a bottle of soap fell from the sink.

4th story happened when I was about eleven. This time I was playing games on my computer and the light turned off and back on but the breaker did not blow because my computer didn't go off.

My 5th story happened about 5 days after my 4th story. I was looking out the window into the back yard and I saw this puppy dog so I ran outside to pet him but he disappeared.

My 6th story took place when I was 12. I was reading the Bible which I rarely ever do and as I was reading it in my room my window came opened by itself and I heard someone jump in my room but nobody was there.

Now finally my last scary story was when I was probably 14. I was the only one up playing my Nintendo Wii because it was not a school day. The next day and I got up late that morning. Anyway it was around 12:00 a.m. something. As I was playing my game I hear the bathroom door close so I thought maybe it was my sister. So after about 30 minutes later I turned my game off and got up to use the bathroom and brush my teeth so I could hop into bed, but the bathroom door was closed though the bathroom light was on I could see in through the cracks of the door. So I pounded on the door and told my sister to hurry up but no one answered. So I sat outside the bathroom for like 5 minutes then I heard what sounded like someone moving in the bath tub. So I then thought maybe my mom was up taking a bath because she is the only one that takes bath in the house. Everyone else takes showers. So I went in her and dads room to see but they were both in bed so I went in my sisters room and she was also in bed. So then I woke her up to help me see who was in the bath tub because I was terrified. So we grabbed a table knife to unlocked the door and no one was in the bathroom. The bath tub was filled with really ice cold water but no one was in it. Me and my sister were so scared.

That is all my scary stories.

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