Stalked By Something

by Sara
(USA, California)

I'm 15, since 3 years ago I've been influenced with vampires, loving them, their nature, books, culture, everything about them. I wanted to be a vampire so bad. But the problem is that I feel something watching me all the time from windows, doors or anywhere else, no matter where I am.

I told my mom. She said I'm imagining it, I'm not. At night when I go to sleep, the room would be dark, and a closet in the wall always has a small crack in it, it shows darkness. When I go to bed, I look at it(it opposes my bed) and I see it opening. I see eyes in there.

So recently I decided to ignore it, and started going to bed and putting the covers over my head directly. I did so one night, then when I was trying to sleep, I heard a weird wild voice. When I woke up in the morning there was a scratch on my face and on my hand too. I'm so afraid.

Yesterday I tried to search for vampire spells too, I did the red blood pale skin spell. I paled, teeth numb, and horrible headache. It wont go away. I'm scared. I feel watched all the time... Help please. Excuse me if it isn't so clear I just don't know how or where to start. Please help...

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