Stalked By The Supernatural?

by Latha

Hello everyone, I want to share something that has happened to me (since I was a little girl). All I can say is that this is not a piece of imagination or fiction. This is something really real, but something that cannot be easily accepted by everyone. Only those who believe in things like the supernatural, occult, and witch craft can believe this...

Before I proceed, let me tell you one thing - I've got a fairly good memory and can remember things that happened when I was a kid years ago. At that sweet time of innocence & childhood, I was a smart, unsuspecting child who mingled with everyone and even with strangers. I was a loving, affectionate kid and people liked me too.

But what I didn't know was that my open friendly nature was going to be the root cause of all my problems in life. Had I only known this, I wouldn't have been too friendly - I wouldn't have even smiled at unknown people... but alas, things like these are controlled by cruel fate.

As I said, I smiled at almost everyone and even befriended strangers as a child. I remember something like a good looking man getting impressed with me & accepting my company. I also remember him following me to school, waiting for me when school ended, and even following me home. He talked with me very well - I was a talkative child - and hence, I enjoyed his company very much. I grew fond of him too. But I didn't even ask for his name, whereabouts, family, etc.

In some time, the man started bringing about other men with him during his visits. Strangely, everyone was very good-looking. As you can see, this is unusual, as even in a family everyone cannot have good looks. So, even as a child, I found this odd and started asking him about who they were, their names, etc.

But he and his friends didn't give me any concrete answers. They also started bringing women and 'children' with them and on the whole, it looked as if a huge crowd gathered at my school to visit me. But, strangely, no one seemed to notice this. At that time, even I couldn't understand everything. Soon after these 'others' accompanied him, things started turning strange.

These people - other men, women and 'children' seemed to be jealous and angry with me for no reason. I remember them portraying me as a bad character full of vices to the 'strange friend' I had befriended. Soon, he started getting displeased with me and started cursing me, which of course I couldn't understand.

Soon, these wicked strangers and odd 'children' followed suit and took pleasure by cursing me and prophesying that I'll suffer in life with health problems, I'll not be happily married, I won't bear children, etc.

I couldn't tolerate them anymore - my 'friend' seemed to have disappeared, so there was no reason for me to talk to them. I avoided them, but after that for no reason my classmates started behaving like them. It was as if my classmates got possessed by 'them'. They started teasing me, bullying me and hating me. I suffered and even if I changed school, this trend continued.

For some time, the 'strangers' never visited me - I had also changed my residence and school. Unfortunately and shockingly, one day I found them stalking me in my new school. They soon followed me to my residence area and started torturing me when I waited for my school bus. They will simply stare at me and make unintelligible signs - and I'll get chest pains and I'll also start feeling like a crazy, mad person. I understood that they wanted to make me mad, lower my 'status' and treat me like a slave-servant, and do other wrong things to me.

How I suffered! I never could make my parents or other people understand about this 'strange crowd' that stalked me like the supernatural.

I can only end my story saying that these strangers created so much trouble for me and impaired me for life - without even physically hurting me or approaching me directly. They made others like schoolmates, college mates, and finally office colleagues trouble me - by indulging in something like black magic.

I can only assume in that manner, because my life has fell down the drain after the arrival of these 'dangerous strangers' in my life. And as they had cursed, I got severe health problems that have disabled me such that I can't hold on to a job. I also had marriage problems, by getting married to a wicked person (unknowingly). Now I'm divorced too without any kids of my own.

I have no job, friends, love, or kids. I'm scared about my future. I mostly stay at home now. Still, last year a strange woman got to my doorstep and was quarreling with my parents. When I tried to support my parents, she cursed me that "I'll suffer very, very much from then".

After that I again got ill and I couldn't last in my job. I'm now so much scared, as I'm not getting cured as I should - despite taking medicines.

I'm now very, very scared - and can only say that I'm being stalked by supernaturally wicked people who indulge in witch-craft and black magic...

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