Static TV People

by Thara

Okay so this happened when I was younger... 6-7 years old... I was in bed trying to sleep when I shifted my position and layed on my back. I couldn't sleep so I looked around my room trying to make my eyes tired at least.

When I got to looking at the door I saw a man about 6 feet tall holding hands with a small child. They both looked like the black and white static on a TV when the channel is unavailable. They just stood there and after like 30 seconds the big one (I can tell cuz the voice was deep) asked for help - "Where is she?"

I didn't know what he was talking about so i stared at them quietly. After like two minutes they left - they walked away not just vanishing - and then an hour or so after they left a woman of the same static look stood in front of my door. All she said was "Have you seen them?" Of course I thought she was talking about the two I saw earlier so I slowly pointed in the direction they went. I could tell she turned her head that way, and then she walked away.

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