by Danielle Seiwert
(Bloomingdale )

There once was a boy named Stones. Well he liked stones a lot. So everyday Stones would go down to the diamond mines when the miners were on break.

One day Stones was missing from the dinner table. His mother thought that he got caught by the miners again and he will be at the door step by dawn. Well the next morning Stones wasn't there and his father went down to the mine and looked for Stones calling "Stony, here Stony boy!"

Well suddenly Stones' father is shoved down by a mysterious force that darn tooting knocked the wind out of him and he found Stones body with a stone shoved right through.

There was a note that said "He loved stones so much he wanted them all" And that day Stones' father told his wife he wanted all the damn stones in the world. He killed him dam self.

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