Stormy Weather

by Adam

When I was 6 I (like most kids )was afraid of thunder storms. Normal thing to be afraid of right, loud noises flashes of light, they were never fun for me.

One night though there was a really bad storm that lasted the entire night. Around 2:00AM I woke up to the loud claps of thunder and was afraid so I went into my parents room to wake them up and sleep with them (I was a kinda annoying kid).

After trying to wake them up for what seemed like hours, there was an extremeley bright flash of lightening and a shadow that looked like was holding a scythe. Like any 6 year old I was terrified and finally my parents woke up, and were quick to assure me that it was nothing. I eventually forgot about this and it wasn't until recently that I realized that soon after that day in fall my grandfather got sick and died.

As I'm writing this now I just thought about when my close relatives died like my grandparents or great aunts and uncles. It seems to me when I looked through some of the dates of their deaths, it always happens around this time of year.

Take this story at face value, believe it or don't I don't care, but whenever it rains I tend to see that shadow over and over again just standing there, still as death itself......

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