Strange Feeling During Nights

by Enkhbayar Mungunbat
(Chiba, Japan)

I live in Japan. Some say Japan has the most ghosts because it is surrounded by sea. In Japan you can see a lot of graveyards or cemeteries near someone's house or apartment. Sometimes supermarkets. Because, as you know, Japan is a small country.

My apartment was just near some cemeteries.It was a small and kind of old wooden apartment. And it has 6 rooms where 6 people can live there. When I moved there, it was cheap, near to my school, and near to the train station, which I felt lucky to have found a place like this. But a week later the strange things started happening.

First I should say, I had no trouble with sleeping until I moved into the apartment. But a week after I moved there, I started to have some problems with sleep.

I suddenly wake up during 3 or 4 o`clock in the morning. And there was nobody there and very quiet that I felt like I had gotten deaf. That waking up during the midnight happened 2 or 3 times in a row. First I thought this was just new place and I just hadn't gotten used to sleeping in my new apartment. Then I got relaxed and didn't care much about my sleep.

About a month later, the thing was started to happening again. Waking up during midnight was not a sweet thing to feel. That night, I woke up and drank some water. Then I just happened to see the cemetery near to the apartment by window. I got very afraid and got into my bed quickly. I couldn't close my eyes until sunrise. When I saw the sunshine, I got relaxed and fell sleep.

That afternoon I told my friend what I felt during the night. He just laughed at me like I was just some kind a child and told me maybe the ghosts were in your apartment. I explained to him what I felt wasn't just one-time thing. It is happening over and over again. In the end, I learned that he wouldn't believe me unless he experienced the incident for himself.

Later that day, I stayed at my friends place for fun. The strange thing is falling asleep at his place was so relaxing and I didn't wake up until the afternoon. It scared me even more after I woke up at my friends apartment. I didn't want to go back to my apartment, but I had nowhere else to go.

The next evening, I got into bed and tried to sleep for almost an hour. In the end around 1 o'clock at night, my eyes were tired and I fell asleep.... I didn't realize that I fell sleep, but suddenly I got woken up by something. My eyes felt so darn heavy that I can hardly open my eyes to see my room. Nothing was there as usual. Just a silent room where you can hear your breathing. I was trying to get up and turn the light on, but I wasn't able to move my body an inch. It felt like I have no legs or arms. I was sooo afraid. It felt like some kind of force is controlling me. Around 10 minutes, I tried to move my body and get up, but no success. In the end, I had fallen asleep again.

Waking up that morning, the apartment felt like a cold prison or something. I quickly took a shower and went to school.

I started considering moving to another place.So I went to real estate place where I signed my contract. They got very surprised and asked me why I considered moving. I told them it wasn't such a convenient place to live in. They showed me other places. Then I told them I will come back later after I decided to move to another place.

The last night I decided to test the apartment once again to see if it has some paranormal forces in it. I left the light on before I went to bed. I read some novels to distract my attention to some other things. Reading about an hour, I got tired and decided to fall asleep. Suddenly I got asleep.

Around 4 o'clock in the morning, the same thing happened again. When I woke up I felt like something heavy was pushing my arms and legs down and I couldn't move. I got my eyes open quickly and got up very quickly. The feeling that something held my arms was still there and I got very afraid of it. I quickly put on my clothes and got out of the apartment.

Later that day I go back go the real estate office again and found a new apartment near to my friends apartment. And I go back to the apartment just one time for collecting my luggage. When I checked other places I learned that I live alone in that apartment. The other 5 rooms were empty and nobody had contracted there since 3 years ago.

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