Strange FUTURE dreams about my life

by Crystal

Okay, so this has happened to me a few times before. I would dream something, and a day or two later that dream would ACTUALLY happen to me. I can't remember what the dreams were about, but I do remember that they became real.

Just the other day,the student council at my school came up with the "Benchmark Bunny",(I know,its weird). The first day they hid eggs,they hadn't told us about them. So then I literally said,"I WWWIIILLLL GET AN EGG TOMMORROW!!! NO MATTER WHAT,I-WILL-GET-AN-EGG!!!"(Don't think I'm an idiot, its FREE candy!)

Anyway,that night I had a blurry/fuzzy dream where I was racing around with one of my friends and almost got two eggs. I was thinking the next day that it was really weird, I mean seriously! I rrreeaallyyy wanted free candy,and even had a dream about it! But then I got one egg, and almost another, just like my dream! I was wiggin' out because it happened again!!!

If anyone knows anything about this or it has happened to them too, please leave a comment about it here!!

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