Strange Things

by Shane

I'm fourteen and I have had some paranormal experiences and I'm going to tell you all of them.

The first one was when I was about eight years old and my friend told me that when I got extremely mad my eyes would turn black and I would get pretty strong but only for about a minute and thus happened twice.

The second one was the first time I stayed at my grandmas house after my granddad died I saw him at the top of the stairs but when I went towards him he disappeared.

The third time was about a month ago when I was playing video games at my cousin's and his phone was on the tv stand and we were on the couch and it flew halfway to us and I picked it up but ever since than I haven't slept right.

The last one was about a half hour ago when I was reading on this site and my bedroom door opened by itself and I'm the only one home.

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