Strange Vampire Name

by Tubula Laaughstein

Can someone tell me what the vampire name Tubula Laaughstein means and possibly the origin?

As far as I can tell, I don't believe the name "Tubula Laaughstein" has a mythological origin. That name, along with others, comes from a popular "What is your vampire name?" quiz online created by British teenager Rhianna Gault, who tragically died shortly after creating the quiz.

I guess we'll never know where Ms. Gault came up with the vampire names she used. Perhaps they have a special meaning or perhaps they were just interesting sounding names to a fellow vampire enthusiast. Either way, the name lives on in mystery through her quiz, which can still be accessed here.

The other vampire names listed are:

Taranula Scaryns
Damula Advefret
Namula Moonshine
Serenula Lonesomhel
Cherula Famana
Karula Drifher
Eamanula Skiittzu

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