Strange Wolf

by Albina

I'm Russian so everybody in my international school in my class says I have a "special connection to wolves and bears". Also, my uncle has a huge land with a bit of forest and over ten wolves in it and they are all in a pack. I know all of them and their traits and characteristics because I knew them since I could walk.

One day I was bullied at school so I came to my wolves and they always calm me down (just like sticking someone's photo to a punching bag. What? I'm Russian!). Then a strange black-and-silver wolf I NEVER saw in my life came out of the mist and actually started TALKING to me, though his mouth was closed and no other wolves seemed to know he was there. His eyes were actually WHITE. ALL WHITE! And no, no one's playing a prank on me 'cos

a)people in my class won't get closer than a mile to my wolves, and

b) This is our PERSONAL land

So I got closer to the wolf, safe in the knowledge My Wolves will protect me if needed. The wolf didn't move away or anything. it just stood there. I came closer, my arm outstretched, and it came forward. What it said to me was really freaky. It said "You are one of us and you will soon know..." And then it dissolved into the darkness.

Somebody tell me what the heck that was all about? Is the wolf that's after me dangerous or good? I saw it a couple more times when I was walking in the forest with two of my wolves (who won't ever leave me alone since the time I met a bear). It (or he, because the wolf had a voice like a very strong man) never spoke though.

I actually talked with him once more when I was walking in the forest at midnight because I couldn't sleep. He was with another wolf that was all pure white and seemed to have a white aura. It had a female voice. she said things but I forgot most of them. One thing was "You don't have to wait long any more, Wolf Girl. We are coming very soon"...

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