Strangers In My Home

by lucinda
(ga, us)

I'm a strong believer in spirits and having visions, I've been that way since I was 6 yrs old. Now I'm grown with my own little ones who I prayed who not have my gift. But it happened anyway and how I found out for sure is my new apartment, well not so new now.

The first night in the apartment felt good and bad mixed together. I layed down that night and I began to hear a little girl laughing very evilly. I jumped up thinking my daughter was playing a trick on me just to find out she was dead to the world. So I completely dismissed it and went to sleep.

Months later I found out I was pregnant with my son. Things began to weirder and scarier by the minute. My daughter began to not want to sleep in her own room or bed, or any bed by herself. So one night I thought we were going to have a normal night no voices, glimpses of someone walking by or our things vanishing, but I was wrong.

My son's father came to spend the weekend because my daughter told him she was scared. That night me, my big belly, her, and him had a great night til we got in bed. Bout and hour later my daughter was in tears begging to sleep in the bedroom with us. I had already put another bed in my room for her when she has one of her dreams or hears things.

Settling back down not more then 20 minutes later I hear my boyfriend, thinking I'm still dreaming of him calling me cause something has happened to him. He was really calling me. I got up. He was in the bathroom with what looked like claw marks on him. Scared half to death, even though I just had dreamed it, I had to ask him what happened and just like my dream he said he heard someone out the window talking about a new baby Boy and when he looked to see if he saw anyone something clawed him.

A few seconds later my daughter came around the corner with a scared look on her face, but with a passive, blunt tone in her voice that didn't sound like her; she said "You know they want your baby, right?" Then she just walked away as if nothing could be done about it.

I couldn't tell him that she was just playing or what happened to him wasn't real because what she said I had been told twice already - once in a dream and once by a spirit that I was seeing.

July, my son's birth month, came so fast. I was excited and worried as I got ready to have him. I had him early on a Sunday morning. I couldn't wait to leave the hospital so my family could see him, but I was scared that something wanted my baby.

Two months went by and no action, no word, complete peace til bout three weeks ago. It started with pictures of him, like something had clawed his face out of them. Then he began to watch something - one good and one bad.

But the worse thing was just yesterday. I was playing with him in my lap and he was laughing then all of a sudden he started crying and as I tired to pull him close to me I could feel something trying to pull him away. Not only did I see it so did my daughter and grandmother. I was fighting with something to keep my son in my arms. I had begun to cry and that was the last straw for me and what it was. My son kept looking at it and screaming. So I told whatever it was it couldn't have him and all of a sudden I started to hear laughter then nothing at all. I don't think its over but I think the entity is stuck here so I'm moving.

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