Stream and a Cave

by Gary Wolfe

When I was 11 I took a trip down to Tennesse. About 12 miles from the border of Kentucky my mom stopped at an old village high on a hill. A historical sign said that the village was constructed 157 years ago from 2001.

As my mom and I got out of the vehicle I noticed a deep cave with a steam flowing in a perfectly straight path. As I walked towards the cave I was no more than 50ft from the stream edge and my forehead began to bleed profusely. We turned back to see if a tree branch had cut me. But there were no cuts of any kind on my head. Since then I can see shadows large and small, cats no longer want to be around me.

Also back in 2009 I came under illness of Bell's Palsy soon after seeing and hearing small boy's voice for 3 days. I asked for help and it was given in 4 days time. My doctor was amazed that I recovered so quick. I thank you Billy.

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