Summoning Something Horrible

by Kaya Jujube
(Phoenix, Arizona)

So, my friends and I were out in the desert camping, and (lets just call her Di) Di had a good phone signal. She decided we should try to summon a demon. Now, I didn't want anything to do with this, so we took a vote. Whatever the strongest vote was, that's what we would do. Everyone but me wanted to do it, so my hand was forced to help them prepare.

I took Di to the store and we got candles and different kinds of herbs and incenses. I had no clue what all these things were, but it totaled a whopping $271.49! Luckily, I wasn't paying for it. The whole time I had this feeling of dread about the "ceremony" that was going to happen tonight, but I shook it off.

We got to the campsite and Di shooed us away and told us to go rest since we'd be up late. I went to my tent and meant to take a short nap, but ended up sleeping until almost 11:00.

I was woken up and dragged outside by (let's call him Gary) Gary and Di. They showed me the ritual and I was pretty shocked because it actually looked demonic. I was trying to opt out when (let's call him Jorge) Jorge pushed me into the middle of the circle. I was confused as they started to perform the ritual, and then realized I was within a large circle with a square inside it. They were speaking Latin or something, and I couldn't understand what they were saying. I was pretty freaked out, and I tried to run out of the circle. It was then that I froze, the feeling of something Evil behind me.

I turned my head and there, on the ground, was a monstrous shadow that completely overwhelmed me. I ran as fast as I could, out of the camp site and to my car. I looked back and the three of them were gone. That thing's shadow was gone, too, and I drove away without hesitation. I haven't seen the three of them since, and I don't want to. However, that wasn't the end of anything, it was the start.

I began having nightmares of that thing, which, to you may be a normal side effect to the experience, but when I got hurt in my nightmares... Well, that was the weird thing. I would get hurt in real life, too. I usually remember the dreams, but just recently, I had a dream where I apparently got bit by something with very large teeth and I had to get almost 600 stitches in my leg. I constantly wake up with bruises, scratches, or handprint-shaped bruises. My friends thing I got beat, but when I told them I don't know what happened, they all started staying with me and (let's call him Jay) Jay because they were convinced that I didn't just wake up with handprints on my body.

That was the night I was bitten by whatever and the only night I can't remember my dream. Any time they're here I forget my dream and wake up with something worse than usual. They've stopped staying the night at my house, though.

I'm still in a chair until my stitches are out, but I can't complain too much. I can, however, worry if these dreams will get worse or not. They've escalated slowly but surely, and it's a matter of time before it escalates to the point I may die. I am hoping it does not escalate that far, but I can't tell what will happen. I am just hoping it stays bruises and cuts.

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