Talking To Ghosts

by T.B

My friend and I got bored one day. So we did this just for fun, and we didn't expect it to work...

On a paper we wrote: "No," Yes," Maybe," and "I don't know," around a circle we drew. Then we found something smooth, so the thing could move around on the paper without problems. Then we found a candle and a lighter. After that we took the paper, the smooth thing and the candle with us down to a house close to the church. We sat down and placed the paper between us. Then we took the smooth thing (a kind of a krystal) and placed it in the circle.

After that we lit the candle with a lighter. Then both of us (me and my friend) put one of our fingers on the krystal and closed our eyes.
And then we first asked, "Is there someone here?"
And the answer came, "yes."

But how? well, the krystal moved slowly to the place where it was written "yes" on the paper.
And I trusted that my friend didn't move the krystal. And she trusted me.

We asked more questions, and the answers came.
One time later we did it again, but without the candle. And then the krystal moved much slower.
So the candle gives the "ghost" power to move the thing you choose to use.

If you don't believe this, try yourself. And please write a comment of what you think.

btw: this is a way talking to ghosts.

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