Tap and a Poke

by Abi

the place where this goings-on happened

the place where this goings-on happened

I think I'm being followed, wither that or there's a haunted chair at school.

It only happened twice but I've got a feeling...

Basically, first time, I was eating lunch when I turned around and as I was turning back round to my original position I was tapped, very hard, on the shoulder. I thought it was my friend Emily so I said, "Why'd you just tap me?" and she said she didn't tap me, so I asked if anyone had been behind and she said no, there hadn't. I made her swear that she didn't see or do it.

Next time, I was poked, yet again quite hard, just underneath my shoulder blade. So I said, "Someone just poked me!" and Emily said, "No-one poked you Abi!" I made her swear again. No-one had been behind me.

Can someone please tell me whats happening! I know it's something, because the poke and the tap we're both very unmistakeable. I couldn't be anything else! I know it's probably nothing to worry about, but does anyone know what this could be and why what-ever-it-is is doing it?! I'm just so curious!

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