Telling The Future

by julius emanule
(buffalo ny )

Hey I have a similar story as crystal, except I'll have a dream a month or two ahead before it happens. For example my dog Santana I had seen a furry white dog in my living room chasing his tail and the next month or two I saw a furry white dog and I was scared.

Then other stuff happened, such as when I was in gym class and we were doing the pacer (its a running test) and I got 83 laps then I was too tired just like in my dream. I got that many laps and this has been happening since I was 5 or 6 and I am frighted because sometime they're bad ones. Like when my mom's boyfriend's car was getting destroyed because they had cut his tires and smashed his windows and I was scared.

I was wondering can anyone give me some help to what this means or is it just a weird coincidence that I'm having those dreams.

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