Tennessee Experience

by Kelsea Pritchett
(Adamsville, Texas)

Okay, I was twelve when the dreams started. They were vivid and very violent. Of course no one would believe that they were vampires in my dream. I didn't even believe it myself.

The man in my dreams was about twenty-five. He had on a black vintage shirt and black pants. He looked like any human being, until you went to look at his face. He had these red glowing eyes (like a blood red). He looked at me weird and he had fangs. I could only think of a vampire or a demon and I know demons don't have fangs.

The man told me "You'll get what you deserve, pet." I didn't know what he meant. I woke up with a fright and my grandparents came running into the room. They asked what was wrong. I told them it was only a dream.

The next morning my pawpaw had to go to work. He backed out of the driveway and headed that way. I watched out the window as he left, and I saw a man about the same age as the guy in my dreams across the street in the same clothes as the man. His eyes weren't red and he didn't have fangs though. He smiled at me and was gone. I thought I was imagining things, so I closed the curtains.

Later on that day, there was a report on TV about a man being killed by a 'vicious' animal attack. My pawpaw was the picture they showed on TV. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. I just think that it was a coincidence.

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