The 3 Stories of My Haunted House

First, I will start off telling every one of you that my house is not an active house (not very haunted). If anything, these three experiences are the only times anything spooky has really happened.

The first story is the least scary, and it is of the presence in my bathroom cupboard. Basically, and straight to the point, you can feel someone watching you as you try to use the loo. This is why I always use the loo that's in my parents bedroom, for I'm very paranoid about it. Even now, I make sure to check if there is anything hiding somewhere in there.

The second story, which is (in my honest opinion) a little bit scarier than the first, is the story of the noises in my backyard. Now, it only happens at night, but you can often hear the sounds of whimpering animals, and screams of tormented children.

The third story, and the last, is of the ghost I often see staring at my sleeping sister.
One night, as I was sleeping myself, I felt something telling me to wake up. I did, of course, and I saw the unexpected. I saw a ghost, almost acting as if a she were a caring mother, staring longingly at my sister. She had greasy hair, and was a little wider than most. She was slumping her shoulders as if she missed my sister, as if she knew her as a daughter in another time. I got up to see if it was just a trick of the dark, but sure enough, it turned its head to look at me and disappeared. I know it was real, and it still makes me worry about my sister during the day.

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