The Almost Dead

by Alyssa
(Gilmanton, N.H. U.S.A.)

There once was a family of four, a mother, Lily, a father Carl, a son Randy, and a daughter Carly. They were a normal family. Randy and Carly went to school and Carl worked at a bank full time, while Lily stayed home and did the cooking and cleaning.

One day Carl was walking on the street when he came across a man who looked like he was starving. He went up to the man and said, "You look like you need some money." Carl gave the man twenty dollars and started to go. Before he could leave the man came up to him and said, "You will pay for what you have done and so will the rest of your family." Carl didn't have a clue what that meant, but as soon as he turned around the man was gone.

When he got home he noticed his kids weren't home from school yet. He thought Lily must have taken them somewhere. He sat down and turned on his TV. When he saw what was happening he rushed out the door. When he got to the scene he looked at the dead bodies of his wife and kids. They had been killed in a car crash. When he looked up he saw the man from the street. He was about to go over to him but just then another car swerved off the road and hit him.

The next night their neighbor saw something in their window. He knew they were all dead but he was curious to know what was in the house. When he went inside what he saw made his heart skip a beat. There were four rotting bodies dancing in the middle of the room. When they saw him they stopped dancing and started chanting, "Flesh! Flesh! Must have FLESH!"

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