The Barn

by Zöe

It was any normal day. Sunny and let's not forget how unbearably hot it was outside. Like any normal teenager, I decided to hang with some of my friends. We decided to walk among the railroads we have layed out through our sorry excuse of a town. We walked, I don't know, maybe 2 miles until we reached a barn. This barn had a little house next to it. No windows, old white bricked house, not even a door, torn down roof (well can't say for sure there was even a roof), it was all just "creepy".

We decided to stop and look at it. Me and my friend (Tabatha) decided to go inside the barn. It felt like I wasn't really me at this point. She stood there thinking about opening the wooden barn gate that leads inside of it. She said I demanded her to open it. She said she couldn't help but not resist the way I demanded her, she instantly did what I said. I couldn't go in for about two seconds. I was out.

That place had a history, and I didn't stay to find out what it was. We dashed. We walked for a little longer down the rail roads. I was startled by the sounds of footsteps behind me. My two friends were enticed into their conversation about the barn and there was me... the foot steps. Only getting closer and closer. Then something rustled the bushes.

I quickly looked over, content to find out what the hell was following us. Then the sound none of my friends had heard til it was almost late, a train horn. We continued until out of nowhere this train comes bustling at us. We hadn't heard it, I swear we didn't. We threw ourselves in muddy/concrete water. We got ourselves together and decided to call it a day... ever. Ever since that me and my friend just haven't been the same...

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