The Black Dog

It started a few month ago, I am 13 and some weird stuff happened to me.

At the last new-moon I saw a big cat/dog-like creature outside from the gate to our house. First I just thought it was no big deal because we have mountain lions in the forest near my house. Suddenly my dogs went crazy - started barking and tried to leave our house.

The next new-moon the dog was there again and he just looked at me. I realized that he had three heads and was bigger than last time.

Now the creepy part of the story: He walked through the iron-bars from the gate. Literally just through them. Then he continued looking at me all night; at dawn he disappeared. Now my dogs are gone, like he took them with him.

None of my friends believe me, what should I do? I heard that demons cant cross salt so I bought a lot of salt and put it under my carpet around my whole room so he couldn't get to me. Still that doesn't solve the problem. If you know any way to stop the dog please comment.

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