The Black Eyed Man

by Emma C
(England )

Although for many people this is hard to believe I swear that this is true. I was walking home from ASDA one day with my mother and son and as I was approaching a bus stop a weird feeling came over me that something was not right. I think that this was my instincts telling me and they made me look ahead at an old man. I could not shake the feeling - I just felt as if something really was not right with him. He appeared to be a normal old man at first but as I drew closer I saw this odd expression on his face. It was a weird kind of smirk (smile) and as I walked past him he was looking at me with that weird smile and I noticed his eyes were fully black I mean pure black not even the white parts were present. That's when I was aware I had just seen something abnormal.

I think he was giving me that smile because he knew that I knew that he was not just an old man but something dark.

I really believe that he is something demonic. I could just tell by the soulless, dark, evil look in his eyes and that haunting smile.

I have also seen 2 other people like this in my area on different occasions but I have not seen them in a while now and they were also as I was passing by and got a weird feeling that something was wrong so looking at their face as they slowly walked by and they looking back at me I saw them black eyes.

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