The Black Eyed People

by Mia Seger

This may not be one of the best stories but me and my friend want to share with you. We live in Sweden and we both go to same college (room mates). Our dining room that our college shares with a University is a place we go to three times a day to eat.

One day me and my friend saw a woman, that we never seen before (we could recognize everyone on the university). She was a long and thin woman with white hair, pale skin. She behaved weird. She had a empty and lifeless face, and just sat and look alone by a table.

Same table every day. She never talked to someone or showed no signs of feelings. And every time we sat down (at the same spot every day) she walked past us two and looked us straight in the eyes. And we both felt very scared and weird. This happened three days then she was gone. We couldn't see her on any class pictures. After that we never saw her again (yet).

Another time was in Praq with my family, we walked among the many streets and just looked around. When we walked up a hill to get to a restaurant something just got my attention to a couple with a babywagon. The couple was perfectly normal. The dad had dark hair and looked typical "European", sunburned and happy with his wife. And the wife was a sunburned blonde. They looked like a happy family of three on a vacation. But then I looked at the child.

The child could be (by guessing) 2-3 years old, it had blonde almost white hair and really paled skin. And the eyes were pitch black. The face was blank and the child just gave me a totally cold look and I felt that it looked like a ghost doll but then I realized that it was real. In my experience with children I know that they always have some sort of expression in their face, but this one hadn't.

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