The Black Man In All Black

by Caterina Villanueva
(Pomona CA Los Angeles)

Took Plaace in Moreno Valley CA,
On Red Mahogany St.

My Name is Catherina, and I used to live in Moreno Valley Since I was born until the age of 4yrs. I used to sleep in the same room as my parents in my own crib. My crib was near the walkway to go to the restroom and in that walk way there were closets on each side of the wall that both had sliding mirror doors.

One night I had woken up in the middle of the night and saw a man in all black wearing a black suit with black hat and a black cape staring right dead at me in my crib. My parents were both asleep while this man was staring at me so hard. And for some reason I knew not to show any fright and I was just a really small baby... I really wish to know who he was and why was he staring at just me.

Also my mother was doing laundry in the middle of the night while my two brothers, father, and I were all knocked out asleep. As she was doing our laundry in the garage she had felt something/someone push her in her back - feeling a finger push into her back. She turned around real fast and nothing was in her presence. She ran out the garage, got creeped out and didn't do the laundry till the morning daylight appeared.

Last story is, we had a clock in the kitchen which was a plane round one. My mother had got a cross clock. She took down the plane white circle clock replaced it with cross clock. Next thing we find out is the cross clock ended up in the trash and the original circle one was back on the wall.

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