The Black Matter Alien

by Didier

My story is very scary because the alien was already inside the house when I opened the door and saw him.

Okay in 2005 there was a block party going on at 136 & PLACE st. at 255 E. In Chicago Illinois. My whole family was at the end of the block and all of a sudden while I was at the party a very strange looking man came to me and he told me to go to my grandmother's house which was like 9 houses away from the party. He told me to get some bottles of soda for the party, so I said okay.

As I walked to the house I kept asking myself who that guy was. He had really pale skin but very black hair and something was really wrong with his look and I was terrified.

So I get to my grandmother's back door and I opened the door saw a tall black man with very long black hair stretching past his bottom, black pants, black boots, black trench coat, and a black fedora hat. He was pitch black from head to toe but you could still see his facial features. Oh my dear lord he was scary and he had a mustache that was darker than his skin.

When I walked in there was two stairways: one for the basement, another for the middle floor and then the third floor so when I opened the door the alien was barely walking up to the main door of the second level to get inside of the middle floor when he saw me. We locked eyes and I felt like I was dreaming. I felt like I wanted to die because of the fear I was seeing before my eyes, then he took a step closer to the door and he began turning the knob so fast, but it did not open.

I remembered my grandma had locked the door and when the door did not open he jumped and banged on the door softly, but he was shaking. He was scared of me, but I was more terrified than ever of him. When he realized I was still watching him he knew I knew the truth now so he did this thing and his whole face became distorted. It looked like moving black matter floating in front of his face to cover his identity from me then he began backing up slowly in complete horror still facing me then he tripped on the first stair but once he turned around he was at the third floor in 2 seconds.

When he was running up the stairs my uncles and grandfather had already seen him so they chased him upstairs but they did not find him. He disappeared in the third floor of my grandmothers home. Until this day he is still somewhere in that house I believe and one day maybe we can all be friends in the future.

God bless you alien where ever you are and I'm sorry for scaring you, but you scared me also so next time we meet let's talk and not run away from each other.

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