The Black Mist and the Noise that Follows

by Cindy

Yeah... just happened to me... so I'm basically terrified... I'm 14 and my name's Cindy. My mom wouldn't believe me, no chance. I still don't know if I should believe my eyes and ears...

So I was just dancing around and singing to some music, and it's night, and as the light dimmed on my computer and iPod, I saw like a black mist traveling through my room. I froze. Watching it move with my eyes, as it was nearly too dark to see the mist looking stuff... and it was definitely black, and moving, and kind of see through. I stopped my music and I still saw it traveling through my room and when rubbed my finger against the track pad on my laptop, making it lighter, the mist was gone.

So I turned on m music just kept dancing to it. Then my computer dimmed again and the black mist was coming towards me again. I tried to ignore it but then I heard knocking in my room, then I saw the light being kind of weird outside of my room door. Right after that... I was typing this story, telling you... now I'm kind of scared to do anything...

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