The Black Shadow

by Amarissa

I was 12 years old when I saw this thing. I was a lover of antique clothes and vintage stuff so I thought I would go into this cute vintage store so I brought my 19 year old aunt with me to this store.

It was called Sean and Sue's Vintage Store or something like that, but anyways I saw these really cute boots and dresses and stuff like that so I got distracted, but when I turned to ask my aunt to give me her opinion on this dress that I wanted I turned and she wasn't there.

I said to myself "that's weird, she never leaves me by myself." So I started to call out for her. She answered me, but she sounded far away so when I went to go find her she was in the back of the store. I said "there you are. She was like "yea you found me."

So anyways we walked back to the front of the store and asked her opinion on the dress I picked out. She said it was cute but she said "were you staring at me right now?" I was like "no why?" She said "oh it was nothing, probably my imagination."

There is a back part of the store like a backyard or something like that but anyways me and my aunt saw these really ugly boots. My aunt picked them up and said these belonged to a stripper or something because these are ugly and she saw this really cute jacket and she said this is cute but the person who wore it was probably ugly.

Then out of nowhere the owner of the store came out and said "you should be careful our friend doesn't like what you're saying."

Just then it got freezing cold and my aunt's hair was suddenly floating in the air. I said "omfg look at your hair", but as soon as I said that her hair dropped and she said "why is it messed up?"

Then I thought I was going crazy so I went outside for some air in the back. There was a sign that said LOVE and there was a huge mirror behind it and suddenly this black shadow started running across and started to turn its head. Then it started to laugh and then it was gone.

I did a double take to see if I imagined it then my aunt came to ask me what was wrong and she asked me why I was crying. I didn't even realize that I was crying because of how freaked out I was. The next week was my birthday and the day I turned 13 the Black Shadow was never seen again.

I will never go back to that store again because of how scared I was that day never again never again.

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