The Black-Eyed Couple

by Amber Nicole Colvin
(Holt, Alabama, USA)

I'm Amber and I'm 14. I was at my computer with my friend Crystal next to me reading and there was this knock at the front door so I went and opened it and there was this pale man standing there wearing all black with ALL black eyes kinda floating saying "Let me in". So I did and he followed me to where the computer did no fear at all. He left a small black box on the coffee table and went out the door without a word. I opened it it was a necklace with a black and blood red stone it looked like I saw it before yet I didn't.

Later I was lying down on my couch under a comforter all by myself and my friend Aislinn (it's old Irish for dream) her older brother Daniel attempted to rape me he had me gagged and my hands were handcuffed behind my back on hand was down my shirt and the other *i am really blushing at this point!!!!* down my pants and underwear. He was nipping, kissing and sucking on my neck. I looked up at the window on the door and saw the same man from before and then a woman that looked like him was standing there next to him they looked married and I tried to tell them they could come in but the gag prevented me from doing so they stared at me and left. A few minutes later Daniel left saying he was coming back later.

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