The Boy With No Eyes

by Lauren

Although he did not physically affect me, he terrified me to no end. Before I can really tell what happened, I have to give a little more of a background.

When I was younger (roughly 15 so two years ago) I use to sleep in my old bedroom, door closed and in the dark. Normally the dark does not scare me; however, there was an unwanted visitor lingering in there. I would lay in bed, ready to fall asleep when I would hear two voices talking quietly as if I was not allowed to hear. It was evident by the woman's voice she was panicked, disapproving of some sort of action. The male voice, deep and harsh agreed with her to some degree. I knew it was not the television in my mother's room since she always had it off by 10 and this usually occurred around 11. (Not to mention if it was the television, there would be more sound an a hum of static I usually hear). As they bickered about me (I would hear the terms 'she' and 'would you leave her alone') I would feel a presence at the end of my bed, pressing down on the sheets surrounding my ankles and make its way up until a whole body pressure rested on me.

He laid on top of me, extremely warm but at the same time suffocating. Sometimes while I laid there, pretending he wasn't there, it would feel like someone was trying to tap into my body and get in. This continued on every night until eventually I lost sleep and left the light on. When I went away on vacation and returned, he was gentle, just rubbing my ankles with a hard pressure but nothing more. My mom always tells me that she sees the paranormal and they are naturally drawn to us (I have heard voices before and even had a few only say a word to me. She deals with more of the physical seeings and feelings) Eventually, the family of three departed from the room, leaving me with some sort of piece of mind.

That is when the paranormal dreams began. Usually they were nice, mostly about a plain where my dead relatives resided, almost like a big park filled with children, adults, all laughing and playing. But one night, someone must have really wanted to send a painful message. The dream itself did not make too much sense, but at the same time it did.

I floated in a space where there was nothing but mirrors. Each one held a specific picture within them, something happening at a time and a place. One of them held my best friend's room with her sleeping soundly. A dark, haunting shadow loomed over her, threatening to do something. I took out my cellphone, dialing wildly to call her and warn her. A deep voice answered with a laugh, saying, "You can't save your friend now." and hung up.

At that point in time, I feared for her life rather than why I was not home in my own bed. I tried my phone again, watching the shadow getting closer and closer before the image faded away. I drifted through the mirror maze, looking for my house or a way out. I tried calling my boyfriend up, but again the haunting voice answered. "Your boyfriend Edward cannot save you now." and hung up once again. I remember thinking, "But my boyfriend's name is Nick..." and then, my dream self woke up in my room unharmed but in a state of panic. I raced out, getting everything ready to run out the front door. I screamed at my mom who sat leisurely on the couch to hurry up and to save my best friend April.

She seemed not to hear me the first time around, still reading the paper so I repeated again with more urgency. She finally got up and headed for the door. Once she opened it, my heart dropped a bit to see a thunderstorm. She left it open, fishing through her purse while I remained by the couch, feeling the urge not to move. In a blast of lightning, a teenager appeared and I began to scream. I have never screamed once in my life, so even to hear it in a dream was scary. I sat down, pointing and screaming at the figure in the doorway. His skin was pale, almost a deathly white. His clothes torn in his shirt and pants, but not his shoes. His hair flattened slightly against his skull with rain drops dripping down.

The thing I remember most about the terror was his eyes; pure black with no white, no color, just empty sockets with blood teared down from them. In another flash, he was gone. My mother looked at me like there was something wrong with me. She told me to come on and within another flash of lightning, she was blocked off by the teen boy standing in front of me a few feet away. She did not seem to see him though.

He said one phrase before the dream ended, "Yeah Lauren, why so serious?" and then he lunged for my throat. I woke up before I could feel what he had in store. After that, I feel like his presence still lingers within my front door and at night he stands there waiting for something although I cannot see him.

Nerves or not I just wanted to know what it means or who he is. I have read some stories on here about these black eyed men, but I was just curiously really on someone else's perspective of what it means or what might happen.

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