The Burning Man

by Samantha

When I was 12 I had a dream. I woke up and there was a burning man (his skin not harmed) floating over my bed, blocking my door, holding his hand out to me. It was very loud and also my baby brother was screaming and the TV was full blast and laughing was every where. I crawled on the floor, headed to the bathroom, and the man touched, but I made it to bathroom. I could still remember everything before, but nothing after that...

The next morning my mom came and got me out of the bathroom and I told her about my bad dream (my mother said I have been sleep walking since I could walk - she says I looked possessed) but then I noticed I had a burn on the spot he touched me in my dream. I asked my pastor why and he just said we don't ask questions we pray and told me to sleep with a Bible under my pillow at all times.

It never happened again but I have a birthmark were the burn was and the image of him is in my thoughts always. True story. I was terrified but yet amazed by him.

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