The Car Accident

by Bobby

I was driving home from my friend Roy's house when I came out of a narrow street onto a larger one (my English is not the best), but at that point a car hit me going 50 kmph! My bike was crushed, but I flew over the car and landed on the sidewalk. The car didn't stop and I was in a dark street and my legs hurt so much I couldn't get back up.

I crawled to my bike when I passed out. I woke up after a short while, then a gentle man stood there and told me he would help me. I said 'no go away' because it was dark and child rapers are often there, but he gave me his hand and tried to help me back up, but I couldn't stand. So he gently put me back on the ground. I was at the edge of passing out, then he put his hand on my leg for a while and he closed his eyes and said some very, very weird words. He started to walk away and I am not kidding DISAPPEARED into the night and i passed out.

After waking up again after a short while I had no pain at all and I even felt better than ever before, so I looked around to see where he was and went searching a bit but found nothing.

Can it be that I have a guardian angel, and should I be happy with what happened that day or should I be afraid??? Please put a comment below.

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