The Cat

by Dawn

One day, I think sometime in 2011, July, The worst thing imaginable happened. My best friend Swift died. I was with him every day, every night. Here is when it started.

The night before it happened I let Swift out, he came clawing back on the door an hour later, I didn't let him in. The next day he wasn't in the house, I didn't worry too much. I then went to school and completely forgot about all of my pets. I came back home. On the curb by my house a few people stopped and investigated in the ditch for water to flow by. I asked my mom if I can go see what it was, she said it was fine. I went outside and asked the people "What's going on over here?" they responded "An animal, like a cat or something is stuck and hurt" I was shocked when I saw Swift in there meowing in pain. I ran back to my house and grabbed my mom.

We picked up Swift out of the gutter. We thought his legs were broken, I was broken. I was insanely laughing knowing it was more than his legs. I was crying, but not making a noise, hesitating to smile I smiled. We brought him to the vet way in town. They took x-rays of his body, when they came in with the news it was exactly what I feared. They told us he had fractured his spine, and broken both of his legs.

I started to cry, so badly. My brother was out in town, we waited for results to see what they could do to help. While we waited my mom went out to pick up my brother. Once we told my brother what happened he started to cry. Later they told us we had no other option then to put him down. I cried so bad I passed out for 15 minutes. They woke me up and still crying they let us inject him. He was my cat so I held him as I injected him with the shot, I sung a lullaby to him. He died right in my arms, I pet him and cried on his lifeless body.

We ordered him to be cremated. That night as I sobbed in my pillow I felt a cat rub against me. I looked and saw Swift, but transparent. From now on whenever I'm in my room Swift comes and makes me feel better

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